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New Deadline has been extended to: September 25th, 2017. Winners will be announced via email by September 15th, 2017.


The International Music Licensing Contest is a community based online contest platform where Independent Musicians receive help from Top Professionals in the Music Industry towards achieving their goals and dreams in the areas of Composing, Songwriting, Collaboration, Production, Engineering and Licensing — while competing for Prizes — including cash, international exposure and having their music presented to top Music Industry Executives for licensing opportunities. Our judges include some of the most accomplished music industry experts in the field of Music Licensing and Production.

When you enter, you will receive:

1. A written pdf critique of each of your recordings, giving specific tips on how to improve composition, songwriting and production points if needed.

2. A copy of Gary Gray’s 127 page e-book, “The Home Studio Bible (Discover 30 Years of Music Production and Audio Engineering Secrets in Just 30 Days!”)

3. Membership in, entitling you to free tips and techniques, both business and musical – on how to license your music.

The top 3 Grand Prize Winners each receive:

A. $1,000 Cash
B. $2,500 worth of Studio Arranging, Mixing and Mastering by Gary Gray Productions.
C. Direct Shopping of your music to Music Supervisors, Publishers and Music Industry A&R Personnel by Gary Gray Productions, with written responses from each Music Industry Pro direct to you.
D. A Free Skype or In-Person Consultation with Gary Gray, Voting Member of the Grammy Recording Academy. 

4th, 5th and 6th Place Winnners will receive B, C & D  above.

10 Runners-Up will receive C & D above.

The International Music Licensing Contest is unique. This contest includes a 100% No-Strings-Attached agreement for all entrants and winners. The contest as an organization and individuals within the organization does not and will never own ANY part whatsoever of any entrant’s or winner’s publishing, writing, master recording or intellectual property rights, and there are implicit and specific agreements with each winner specifying that absolutely no partnership is being created or implied by participating in the contest. Our goal is to promote deserving winners and their works with no-strings-attached, enabling the artist to be in the strongest possible negotiating position with regards to closing licensing deals. The more licensing deals we help you close, the more positive word-of-mouth we will create in the world-wide independent musician market. Each professional connected with the IMLContest is motivated by the duty to help other musicians, just as we were helped on the way up – not by profit. We believe that this approach will, in the long-run, create a higher number of individuals entering our contest and benefiting from the rewards that every entrant and winner receives.

And There’s More:

The IMLContest is also unique and realistic in it’s approach to how Judging is done. There are TWO very different types of entries accepted:

DEMOS and FINISHED PRODUCTIONS.  These two categories are judged separately, so anyone can win. Simply make a note of which category you are entering in the description box on your Soundcloud page for that recording. 

A. DEMOS. That’s right. Demos. (Demonstration Recordings – unfinished “idea” recordings, laying out the basic idea of what your song or composition will sound like when finished) These can be rough recordings, as long as they are good enough to clearly communicate the spirit, and musicality of what you are trying to get across. As professionals, each of our judges can, like any good musician or producer, “hear through the demo” and get a clear idea of the vision of the artist. When listening to demo recordings, the vision the judge perceives will be as good as you have communicated your ideas musically on the demo. This is excellent news for anyone who is not yet proficient enough at home recording, producing, mixing and mastering, or who can’t afford to have a great recording made — to have a fair shot to win, or even a chance to have their idea listened to, instead of being met with a door shut in your face, with a sign that says, “We don’t listen to demos.” Well, “We DO listen to demos.”

B. Fully produced, engineered, mixed and mastered recordings referred to as FINISHED PRODUCTIONS.


Aaron Davison, founder of

Aaron, an Alumnus of the prestigious Berklee School of Music, is one of the Music Industry’s top experts on Licensing Music. Besides making a 5-figure income year after year through licensing, Aaron also helps other musicians spin their music “into gold” — mentoring and teaching musicians all over the world how to place their music in Films, Television, Video Games, Commercials, etc., through the online phenomenon he founded: Aaron heads the panel of judges at Aaron is an accomplished and prolific singer-songwriter-guitarist and is considered one of the best soloing guitarists in the music industry. His most recent licensed recordings, “Headed Home” finds Aaron’s music being featured in Movie Theatres across the U.S.starting in January 2015.

Gary Gray Judge
Gary Gray, founder of, author of “The Home Studio Bible”

Gary, a Voting Member of the Grammy Recording Academy and founder of, heads Gary Gray Productions. Gary will be launching a new record label, GrayJay Records, in 2016 — producing and distributing not only digital releases of all signed artists, but Vinyl Records as well. Gary is also an official judge for the Cleveland Rock-Off, held yearly at the Rock-and-Roll Hall of Fame. Gary received a music scholarship to Northwestern University in Chicago and also attended Baldwin-Wallace College for composition and orchestration. He toured internationally (drums/percussion) with the Cleveland State Jazz Band. An accomplished studio/live drummer (he played for Motown Records under Berry Gordy and Suzanne De Passe), Gary also plays keyboards, bass and guitar in the studio. His client list as a producer/engineer/orchestrator includes the Disney Music Group, Concord Records and Aaron Davison, as well as Independent Musicians from around the world. Gary just signed a 12 Song Exclusive Licensing Contract with World-Wide leading music licensing firm Megatrax. Gary is the resident Producer/Engineer for, where he teamed up with Aaron to produce courses on how to mix and master music for licensing. Gary arranged, produced, mixed and mastered Aaron’s album, “Headed Home,” with the title track being signed to a licensing deal a few months after release.

Kevin Doucette Judge
Kevin Doucette, Major Motion Picture Film Composer

In April of 2010, Kevin, also a graduate of the Berklee College of Music, was asked by his Mentor, the legendary film composer A.R. Rahman, to join A.R. on his year-long “Slumdog Millionaire” world tour where he handled keyboards, production of the protools backing tracks, created and supervised all musical/digital cues, coordinated with lighting and stage directors, and was tasked with building a touring computer rig that would run the entire 3 hour show. On a similar show in India mid-2012, Kevin’s services were needed once more but with less than a week’s preparation, Kevin pulled off a virtually impossible task: he learned the accordian parts to a very popular piece at the time, and was asked to play the solo with a full 85 piece Orchestra behind him. When Kevin was given the task, he went out and borrowed an accordian and practiced until he got it perfect. To give you an idea of Kevin’s character and abilities – he never played accordian before that. Someone evidently thought Kevin was an accordian player, and when he was given the task, he jumped right on it. Since then, Kevin has gone on to become the lead composer for A.R. and has launched his own successful Film Composer career. He has held the position of composer, music editor, sound engineer and recording engineer for over 30 films. In just 2014 alone he has completed working on six major projects, including “The Legend Of Hercules,” “The Hundred Foot Journey” and “Million Dollar Arm.” Kevin regularly works with top Music Supervisors and Publishers in the industry.

Khaliq judge 1
Khaliq Glover, Grammy Award-Winning Engineer

Like Gary Gray, Khaliq Glover has worked with and learned from Quincy Jones. A Grammy-Award Winning Engineer, Khaliq’s Top A-List clentele includes artists such as Prince, Herbie Hancock, Marcus Miller and Michael Jackson. “Watching Quincy Jones instruct and guide everyone but at the same time, letting the professionals that he hired do their thing too. That’s why he hired them. But he was so observant, that he could come in and change a sharp here, an eighth note there, and make it all gel together. He knew exactly what needed to be done for the final polish. Over the years, I’ve seen certain patterns re-appear time and time again. One of the biggest SECRETS is that they don’t ever fall in love with one part. They will mute or erase it in a heartbeat and not feel that it has to be used just because it was recorded and you really like what you or they did. If it doesn’t Easily Fit into the song during mixing, It’s out of there.” Khaliq, a.k.a. Khaliq-O-Vision, brings a wealth of wisdom, knowledge, contacts and experience to the IMLContest.